We want to fire people up about cooking.

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This message goes out to you, dear frozen pizzas, ready-made salads and take-away burgers:

You want to make our lives easier and more convenient, you say.
You’re thinking, it’s great to not have to waste time cooking.
You want us to stop chopping, stirring and crying because the onion makes our eyes tear.
But we won’t go along with that:
There’s no chance of us getting rid of the cooking spoon just yet!



We at feinkoch

want to live in a world where fine cooking plays a vital role. That’s why we’ve created hundreds of recipes since 2012 for you to try out at home. A feinkoch recipe needs to be ingenious but still simple. That is also true of our favourite recipes that we pick up from other food blogs, our friends or international top chefs, reproduce and share with you. But feinkoch is not only available online. Two cookery studios are part of the family in addition to the website.

In a world where convenience foods and the take-away lifestyle are increasingly becoming the norm, let us be your exception.


This is where the cooking, refining, picture taking, filming, eating and celebrating take place. With its two fully equipped cookery studios, our studio in the heart of Vienna is the perfect
place for media productions and events of all culinary kinds. Apart from our own photos and videos, we also produce content for our customers and partners here.


Sometimes we’re 4, sometimes we’re 40 – it really depends on the size of the project at hand. We are recipe developers and project managers. We are food stylists and photographers. We are nutritionists and filmmakers. We are friends.

  • Simon JackoSimon JackoFounder & CEO
  • Anna MahlodjiAnna MahlodjiCo-Founder & COO
  • Nicole TschasNicole TschasOffice Management
  • Sonja PrillerSonja PrillerFotografie
  • Franz TeuchmannFranz TeuchmannVideo
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